I embrace The Universal Sun as the highest aspect of my being. My inner awareness is an extension of The Universal Sun and therefore my light is everlasting and infinite.

This is my wow as I claim The Universal Sun Mastery:

I wow to overcome any illusion that keeps me from my divinity and birthright as a Master born of the radiant diamond of perfection.

I bow to my superior knowledge that I am always whole and complete.

And I ask The Universal Sun “How am I going to fulfill my wow?”

The Universal Sun answers: “You are already mighty and holy. Nothing can separate you from me as I AM all that is.”

“I am your mother, your father, your sister and your brother. I am you, I am your lover, and I am everywhere around you.”

“Watch me as I become tiny and creep deep down into the soil as a worm without thought. Look at me as I radiate from the sky in the form of a glowing ball of light.”

“This is YOU in all your radiance. Know thy self.  For you are born in the guise of a half entity, that serves the Universal consciousness by finding your way home to your holy divinity.

The seed of the Universe is within you, and I ask you to remember your lineage as star born and Universal as you climb the ladder to complete awareness of your heritage as sons and daughters of the Universal Sun.”

It is time.

And so it is.

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