A drum is a sacred vessel for channeling powerful healing vibrations. A shaman drummer knows how to enhance the ceremonial contract with the spirit world by drumming at a rhythm that magnifies the vibration of healing and summons positive entities to gather in ceremony.

When I play my shaman drum I channel the Universal Heart Beat which flows through us in the ceremonial gathering and opens our wounds to be mended and our wars with each other to be forgiven.

The Universal Heart Beat overpowers our own wounded warrior hearts and overflows our wounds of separation with unconditional love.

Each of us is part of the Universal fabric and thus we share our pain as well as our light. In ceremonial drumming a field of unity is created that summons our common heart beat and unifies our consciousness.

Thus a ceremonial drum journey is a powerful avenue for transformation and coming together as a warrior tribe of common origin, no matter our individual paths. So come join your tribe at our ceremonies. We are one body in the unified field of consciousness. And so it is.

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