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On December 21st we will be sharing the spectacular Winter Solstice at Lorelei’s Concert Hall – thus ending the year with a symphony of luminous crystal harmonies, deep gong vibrations and the deep and transformative Winter Solstice Initiation Ceremony.

The theme, of course, is our spiritual rebirth. At the Winter Solstice we release and transform that which does no longer serve us and does not need to be brought into the new year that awaits us.

Where: Lorelei’s Concert Hall, Copenhagen, Vesterbrogade 60A, 1620 Copenhagen V

When:  December 21st at 19:30 – 21:30

Who: Everyone is welcome

Language: Danish

Crystal chandeliers and flickering candles in the cathedral-like concert hall invite meditative contemplation, and during the meditation you are guided into a deep and healing state of consciousness of Oneness.

We are looking forward to rounding off an intense year with initiation, more than 50 crystal singing bowls, gong bath and soul journeying.