Winter Solstice Ceremony December 21st. 2021

Winter Solstice Initiation Ceremony on December 21st. Passing through the stargate. Everyone is welcome.

300 DKK


On winter solstice, December 21st. 2021, Lorelei is leading the magnificent Winter Solstice Ceremony in Copenhagen

Lorelei will conduct an Initiation and activation from The Song of The Universe with the audience as well as a powerful quantum healing ceremony.

Lorelei will play her more than 50 alchemy crystal singing bowls and create an incredible field of quantum healing for the audience.

WHERE: Lorelei’s Concert Hall, Copenhagen

WHEN: 21st December 2021 8 -10 pm.

WHO: Everyone are welcome

Er du dansker/bosiddende i Danmark, skal du bestille og betale via den danske udgave af shoppen.
Du finder billetter til Vintersolhvervceromonien via linket her: Vintersolhvervceremoni 2021