White Elevation – Album

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WHITE ELEVATION – an extraordinary alchemy crystal singing bowl symphony.




WHITE ELEVATION is an extraordinary alchemy crystal singing bowl symphony, consisting of 3 tracks lasting each of 25 minutes for deep healing, inner journeying and spiritual transcendence.

Each track on WHITE ELEVATION is deliberately created with specific alchemies, that when played together, have spiritual and therapeutic intention and effect.

The alchemies on WHITE ELEVATION are aiming to shift and elevate our consciousness above the limiting patterns in our conditioned minds – honouring the human journey of descend and ascend, while activating new and higher frequencies in our soul patterning.

Lorelei has created a WHITE ELEVATION soundscape, which is completely unique. The frequencies of the crystals, gemstones and precious metals brought forward through the ambient crystalline music effect any and all listeners in a multitude of inter dimensional ways, elevating, activating and assisting each individual as well as the planetary consciousness in the sacred ascension journey of our present time.

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Listen to sound clips of WHITE ELEVATION

  1. Human Orbits: 21.41 min

Let the healing alchemies of Human Orbits take you deep into the sacred human essence and reunite you with your higher purpose of life on Earth and your inner being of wholeness. Created with the Alchemies: Clear Platinum, Celestite-Apophyllite, Kyanite, Aqua Gold, White Gold, Emerald – Platinum, Indigo, Smoky Quartz – Coal.


  1. Transcendental Paths: 23.39

Let the activating frequencies of Transcendental Paths take you on a soul journey tailor made just for you. You will be lulled by other worldly beings, held by angels and returned with a soothed soul. Created with the Alchemies: Therapeutic Gold, Aqua Gold, Celestite-Apophyllite, Apophyllite, Palladium, Indigo, Morganite.


  1. Ocean of Light: 24.37

Sink deep into the Ocean of Light, and let your soul be absorbed into the absoluteness of cosmic oneness. You will be immersed in crystal white light, and sacred, celestial sounds will purify and elevate every cell of your being. Created with the Alchemies: Aqua Gold, Aqua Ocean Gold, Citrine, Selenite, Emerald-Platinum, Mother of Platinum, Egyptian Blue–Platinum, Rodochrosite.

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