The Universal Sun Initiation – Online Ceremony

37 $

Receive The Universal Sun Initiation. 2 hours recorded ceremony with Lorelei.


The Universal Sun Initiation on Video

Now you can participate in The Universal Sun Ceremony and receive The Universal Sun Initiation through a two hour video recorded live in ceremony in Los Angeles.

In the ceremonial video, Lorelei will be leading you through a series of harmonies and alchemies on the astonishing alchemy crystal singing bowls, creating a powerful field of quantum healing as well as guide you through a meditative soul journey and a mastership initiation which will align you with your higher purpose and sovereign role as a master on your life’s journey.

The Universal Sun Initiation deactivates the old wounds of separation and reactivates your alignment with your source, your divinity and your innocence.

Through the videos you now have access to the entire ceremony. You can enhance your Initiation by repeating it as a spiritual practice as often as you like.

The videos can be watched as a full ceremony or in the following sequences:

0. Full ceremony
1. Welcome – Lorelei’s opening speak
2. The Gayatri Mantra – bowls, sacred chanting and invocations
3. Presentation of bowls – Lorelei presents the purpose of the bowls
4. Om Tare Tuttare – bowls, sacred chanting and heart healing
5. Lorelei explains the subconscious and presents the healer bowl
6. The Universal Heart – Lorelei presents and plays the F# – the new heart
7. The Universal Sun Initiation
8. Closing ceremony

Let your mind, body and soul be cleansed and uplifted by the celestial and healing sounds of Lorelei’s alchemy crystal singing bowls. You will re-activate your initiation, connection and higher self every time you meditate to the ceremony.

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