The Song of the Universe – Symphony (Download)


The Song of The Universe Symphony (6 min)


In 2016 Lorelei wrote the book “The Song of The Universe”. The Song of the Universe has since expanded and is now a book, a song, 15 guided meditations – and… a Symphony.

The Song of the Universe Symphony is the orchestration of Lorelei’s sacred song “The Song of the Universe”, which contains codes of light to assist us in our ascension process and awakening to our universal selves.

The Symphony is orchestrated and produced by Jacob Bloch in collaboration with Lorelei. This process took 4 years. The Song of the Universe now exists as a complete symphony – played by more than 80 classical instruments and a choir of more than 20 voices.

‘The Song of the Universe Symphony’ will open and soothe your heart and elevate your consciousness to a higher vibration. You will be infused with light, hope and faith and you will be shifted and lifted in your mind, body and soul.

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