The Sacred Union Ceremony 9th of March

Full moon & Initiation Ceremony in Lorelei’s Concert Hall Copenhagen. Everyone is welcome.

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On full moon March 9th, Lorelei is leading The Sacred Union Initiation Ceremony in Lorelei’s Concert Hall, Copenhagen. Two hours of sound healing, soul journeying and initiation.

The Sacred Union Initiation is one of the most profound initiations available. The Sacred Union will take you through a gateway and deep inner journey through which you will access parts of your consciousness that until now have been outside your reach. You will unify with your higher aspects as well as with parts of your subconscoious that are now ready to surface and thus enable a powerful break through.

When all aspects unite in your field it creates a new harmonic vibration in your awareness which activates a powerfull momentum in your life through which Source energy will flow and magnify. All your desires are within reach when you step into the river of life in the body of your entire Self.

The Sacred Union unifies us and opens us up to the highest Universal principle: Unity consciousness. Our homecoming to ‘the one’ we belong to and the love that we long for.

Lorelei will play her gongs and more than 50 alchemy crystal singing bowls in ceremony and create a powerful field of crystalline quantum healing for the audience.

WHERE: Lorelei’s Concert Hall, Copenhagen

WHEN: March 9th, 8 -10 pm.

WHO: Everyone is welcome

OBS: Language Danish