The Peaceful Warrior Ceremony September 26th

New moon & Initiation Ceremony in Lorelei’s Concert Hall Copenhagen. Everyone is welcome.

250 DKK


On new moon September 26th, Lorelei is leading The Peaceful Warrior Initiation Ceremony in Lorelei’s Concert Hall, Copenhagen. Two hours of sound healing, soul journeying and initiation.

The Peaceful Warrior is the 12th Initiation in The Song of The Universe through which you will access the Peace that passeth all understanding and unify with the essence of creation and your soul.

The Peace that passeth all understanding unifies us and opens us up to the highest Universal principle: Unity consciousness. Our homecoming to ‘the one’ we belong to and the love that we long for.

The Peaceful Warrior Initiation brings us closure of the past and a new path forward, embracing oneness and the Peace that passeth all understanding. Thus we become bearers of the universal principle – that we are one consciousness. One love. The path that heals the wounds of separation and aloneness.

Lorelei will play her gongs and more than 50 alchemy crystal singing bowls in ceremony and create a powerful field of crystalline quantum healing for the audience.

WHERE: Lorelei’s Concert Hall, Copenhagen

WHEN: September 26th, 8 -10 pm.

WHO: Everyone is welcome

OBS: Language Danish