Green Tara’s Mantra – new single by Lorelei (Download)


Lorelei chants the sacred Om Tare Tuttare chant while playing her alchemy crystal singing bowls on this haunting 8 minute track.


Green Tara’s Mantra is an 8 minute track of Lorelei chanting the sacred Om Tare Tuttare chant while playing her alchemy crystal singing bowls. 

Om Tare Tuttare is an ancient Tibetan chant. Tara awakens our wisdom so that we can realise the true nature of reality, and Om Tare Tuttare envokes compassion in action.

Lorelei sings and plays her crystal singing bowls live on this track at Tom Weir’s music studio in Los Angeles – recorded and produced by Tom Weir. This is the very first release of Lorelei chanting while playing her bowls.

The alchemy crystal singing bowls used on Green Tara’s Mantra is Androgynous Clear Indium, Palladium and Diamond – Kyanite – Ruby – Silver – Platinum – White Gold, Ruby – Palladium Grand Father, Mother of Platinum Lavendar, Azeztulite St Germain – Platinum, Cornelian Platinum, Apophyllite, Lemon Aura Platinum and Rodochrosite.

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