Golden Light Sound Bath, Sept. 3rd

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Fill your mind, body, soul and your entire life with Golden Light at the Golden Light Sound Bath on New Moon – September 3rd. 
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On New Moon, September 3rd, you can participate in Lorelei’s magnificent Golden Light Sound Bath. Your mind, body and soul will be infused with the radiant frequencies of Golden Light, and these universally intelligent golden light waves will spill into all areas of your life and uplift and enrich everyone and everything on you life path to come.

The Golden Light Frequency is a specific ray that activates the fuller embodiment of ideas and visions and thus enables manifestation in a clear and precise way.

New Moon is the optimal time of the month to initiate new projects and new waves of manifestation. On September 3rd Lorelei will bless your life projects and infuse them with the Golden Light frequency.

Lorelei will play her more than 55 alchemy crystal singing bowls and create a powerful field of quantum energy for the audience. Lorelei also chants a range of healing mantras as well as works with her gongs and other powerful ceremonial instruments.

WHAT: New Moon Golden Light Sound Bath. Bring a yoga mat, a pillow and blanket

WHERE: Lorelei’s Concert Hall, Vesterbrogade 60A, 1620 Copenhagen

WHEN: September 3rd at 7.30 PM – 9 PM. The doors open at 7 PM.

WHO: Everyone is welcome

You will leave your body and travel to distant galaxies, star systems and other worldly dimensions and return in a new, updated and activated light body.