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Buy a gift voucher for Lorelei’s ceremonies and Sound Baths.

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You can now buy a gift voucher for Lorelei’s ceremonies. If you would like to give someone special a very unique experience for life, you can buy a gift voucher for one of Lorelei’s spectacular crystal bowl ceremonies.

During the crystal ceremonies the participants are guided through deep, healing meditations where sound pillars and timbres from the 41 fantastic crystal bowls clear and transform inhibitions and noise in both body and mind and activate new, higher vibrations within.

Crystal chandeliers and flickering candles in the cathedral-like concert hall invite to meditative contemplation, and during the meditationen you are guided into the deep level of consciousness that heal separation and re-establish our contact to our higher self and the state of ‘Oneness’.

The gift voucher is handwriten and can include a short personal message from you to the recipient. You choose the number of participants that should receive the gift voucher by selecting a number by the product. E.g. if you select 2, you buy one gift voucher with admission for 2 persons at the same ceremony. If you select 10 gift vouchers, you buy one gift voucher with admission for 10 persons at the same ceremony. Would you like to buy several gift vouchers for several persons? Send an email to assistant@loreleiuniverse.com and let us help you!

Remember to write which Ceremony you would like the gift voucher for.

When we have received your order, we will handwrite the gift voucher and send it to you (using Portnord), so you can pass on the gift voucher yourself. We can also send the gift voucher directly to the recipient if you would like us to do that. In that case, please note the name and address of the recipient in the comment field.

It is important that you enter a correct email address and phone number when finalising your order so that we can contact you if we have any questions regarding the gift voucher.

Remember to order your gift voucher well in advance of the ceremony! We recommend that you contact us at assistant@loreleiuniverse.com before purchasing the gift voucher to make sure that there are available seats at the ceremony in question.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us at assistant@loreleiuniverse.com if you have any questions regarding delivery, terms or products.

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