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On November 2nd is leading the Dream Time Sound Bath Bath in which you will be guided on an dream journey into the vortex to connect with your highest potential and most radiant version of your self and you life. We are dreaming your future into being on November 2nd.

Bring a yoga mat, a pillow and blanket and prepare your self to go on a wild cosmic healing journey.

Lorelei will present new radiant vibrations as she will play her more than 55 alchemy crystal singing bowls and create a powerful field of quantum healing for the audience. Lorelei also chants a range of healing mantras as well as works with her gongs and other healing tools and instruments.

You will be leaving your body and travel to distant galaxies, star systems and other worldly dimensions and returned in a new updated and activated light body.

WHAT: Dream Time Sound Bath

WHERE: Lorelei’s Concert Hall, Vesterbrogade 60A, 1620 Copenhagen

WHEN: November 2nd: 7.30 PM – 9 PM. The doors open at 7 PM.

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