Deep Ascend – Single by Lorelei (Download)


Deep Ascend (23min) is a powerful alchemy crystal singing bowl soundscape for healing, meditation & transcendence.


Deep Ascend (23min) is a powerful alchemy crystal singing bowl soundscape.  Deep Ascend is deliberately created with specific alchemies, which, when played together, have spiritual and therapeutic intention and effect.

Deep Ascend will take you on a powerful inner journey through which you will connect with the deeper (higher) aspects of your universal consciousness and your true being.

Deep Ascend is recorded in Lorelei’s Concert Hall in Copenhagen, an amazing 200 years old mansion, that in itself is a powerful vortex of healing energies and cosmic connection. The alchemies on the album are aiming to shift and elevate our consciousness above the limiting patterns in our conditioned minds – honouring the human journey of descend and ascend, while activating new and higher frequencies in our soul patterning.

Deep Ascend is created with Clear Platinum, Selestite-Apophyllite, Kyanite, Aqua Gold, White Gold, Emerald – Platinum, Egyptian Indigo -Platinum, Smoky Quartz – Coal, Kyanite, Aqua Ocean Gold, Citrine, Selenite and Emerald-Platinum.

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