Lorelei (Majken Lorelei Matzau) is a Danish psychologist with 20 years of experience in uplifting and developing people and organisations. Lorelei takes a unique approach bridging psychology, leadership and spirituality in her work as a psychologist.

Lorelei is a ceremonialist, alchemy crystal singing bowl artist and channel, and she fuses her extensive work as a psychologist with the astonishing and elevating frequencies of her alchemy crystal singing bowls.

Lorelei is an experienced writer and in high demand as a speaker and spiritual teacher. She is the author of five books and countless articles and op-eds published in leading journals and other media. Lorelei has also recorded 5 albums with sacred music, guided meditations and inner journeys.

Lorelei is the owner of Lorelei’s  Concert Hall in Copenhagen, where she both lives, plays concerts and conduct ceremonies for large audiences. Lorelei’s Concert Hall is a magnificent 200 years old mansion in the centre of Copenhagen, that in it self is a vortex of swirling energies and cosmic sound. The majestic and daring interior decorating of the mansion has put Lorelei’s Concert Hall in various international magazines.


What sort of book is this?

It is a fairly unusual book. In fact, I have never seen any book like it – and I was surprised myself to see how it turned out. A few years ago, my publisher, People’s Press, invited me to write a spiritual book. I agreed, but I had never imagined the kind of book I would eventually write, nor what an absolutely wild journey the writing process would take me on.

The Song of the Universe is a book, a song and a soul journey. It is an interactive book, where the protagonist is in fact the reader, who goes on a spiritual adventure – a journey into his or her own consciousness. As the reader, you are the hero or heroine who journeys through 15 universal portals in the 15 chapters that make up the book.

With each chapter you undergo an initiation, as you are guided through a theme, an experience and a story and uncover an aspect of your spiritual self. Of your soul. After passing through the 15 portals, over a period of weeks and months, you will arrive at a different place in yourself. You will have let go of old patterns and convictions that have held you back, and you will experience a sense of elevation, connectedness and freedom. You will have connected with the spark of the universal light that burns bright within you.

 What is this spark?

The spark is your life force. The tiny fragment of eternity that lives within you. You are a spark in the great universal light. You are made of light. You are light. And you are not alone – you are part of a much greater whole. It is this insight and this sense of connectedness that ‘The Song of the Universe’ cultivates.

The book shows you a way home. You can go on a meditative soul journey, ridding yourself of old pain and the patterns that drag you down – and step by step, you will rise to a state where you experience the feeling of returning to yourself.

Is that really all it takes – most people suffer for most of their lives?

Life on Earth is not easy, and the pain of losing someone we love, for example, is part of the human condition. But once we realize that death and birth are simply heavenly portals between two worlds that we need to pass through, and that the spark of life burns eternal, we can overcome even our most profound fear, the fear of dying, and soothe the deepest pain: the pain of losing someone we love.

Why did the book become a much wilder experience for you than you had imagined?

The book is much more honest than I intended when I originally accepted the publisher’s invitation. Neither my editor nor I had anticipated that I would write a book that was so profoundly spiritual. But I did not write the book on my own. I wrote it in cooperation with the spiritual world. In fact, my spiritual guides gave me the idea for both the form and content of the book.

I am mainly known for my work as an organizational psychologist, but I have another side, where I act as a medium or ‘conduit’. While in a meditative state, I am able to channel messages from ‘the other side’. To do this, I sit down to meditate and open myself up to another world. My consciousness goes on a journey into another dimension.

What does this other world – the other dimension – show you?

It shows me that there is so much more to our consciousness than many of us think – and than I used to think. The spiritual world exists on a different level of consciousness, operating on a different mental frequency, which we all have access to. Only, we don’t know because we never learned how to access it. No one taught us. However, more and more people are now beginning to experience the true nature and potential of our consciousness. It is an entirely new – inner – world that is revealing itself to us.

When did you begin to engage with the spiritual world?

I used to be very scientifically minded and highly sceptical. The spiritual world was a natural part of my childhood, but from I was 15 years old and until I turned 30, I considered myself an atheist. When I turned 30, however, almost 20 years ago, something happened one night, when I had gone with a friend to an event where a clairvoyant medium was channelling messages from the spirit world to individual members of the audience. Suddenly, she walked up to my friend to bring her a message from her maternal grandfather. I happened to be one of the very few who knew that he had abused her when she was a child. ‘I have a message from your maternal grandfather,’ the medium said. ‘He says that there was a relationship between you two and it was wrong. He is sorry.’

I was shocked. And I realized that maybe there was another dimension to our world. Maybe there was a spiritual world? After that experience, I made an appointment with the medium, and when I showed up for my session, she told me that I knew how to ‘see’ myself. That marked the beginning of my spiritual journey.

You are known as an organizational psychologist. Now, you are coming forward and showing a different side of yourself – what’s that like for you?

I have been looking forward to revealing this other side of myself. I have been considering it for a long time, but I waited until I felt I was ready. Naturally, it puts me in a vulnerable position, because I am used to being an expert and dealing with scientific research. And with this artistic and spiritual book, I am no expert.

This is simply me – Majken or Lorelei – inviting the readers to enter my spiritual universe. I have been debating with myself whether or not to go ahead. Would I be understood? Would people think I was weird? Now, I am taking the chance, because it seems that we are living in a time when more and more people are embracing a spiritual dimension.

The book is published under your artist’s name Lorelei – why is that?

Majken Matzau is a well-known organizational psychologist, and I would not have been able to write the book in her name. I feel more free to be artistically creative and, not least, to engage with the spiritual dimension under my artist’s name, Lorelei.

What experiences is the book based on?

It all began in 2016, when I was inspired to write a love song to the universe. Later that year, when I sang the song at the sacred spring at the summit of Mount Shasta in California, the rhythm came to me. The pulse. The heart beat. All of a sudden it was there. As if Shasta’s own heartbeat formed the rhythm of the song. Suddenly I knew how to sing the Song of the Universe, and I was ready to write the book. Each of the 15 verses in the song corresponds to a chapter in the book.

Another key experience occurred when I visited the Peruvian shamans and took part in a sacred journey, where I had a profound experience of everything being connected and of being part of a larger whole.

Ultimately, however, the writing process itself was the most intense experience. I wrote the entire book in a matter of just two months! I had ideas and drafts when I set out, but opening myself up to the energy and inspiration sent me off on every single one of the soul journeys. It was wild, it was huge – it was intense.

What surprised you the most?

The form of the book. The fact that the reader is the protagonist who travels through the 15 portals, each one taking the reader deeper into his or her own self. I did not see that coming, nor did I have the imagination to come up with it on my own.

Why is the book important right now?

I would like to show every single person that they carry a tiny fragment of eternity within them. Everyone carries the light within them. We all spring from the universal light, and this light is alive in our soul – regardless who we are, and where on Earth we live. 

We are living in a performance society, where stress and depression are making us ill because we have forgotten that we are born worthy, perfect and sublime. Each and everyone of us. ‘The Song of the Universe’ helps us heal our feelings of anxiety, inferiority and inadequacy. When we are at ease within our own light, the pain goes away.


Who is the book intended for?

The book is written for everyone. Everyone carries a spark of the universal light within them. The ‘being of eternity’, as Lars Muhl calls it. ‘The Song of the Universe’ cultivates this connectedness.


How can I use the book in my everyday life?

You can sit down for an hour after work to read a single chapter. Almost as you might otherwise sit down to meditate. You can use the chapters to guide your spiritual practice, shaping a meditative ceremony for yourself. You can also buy the guided meditations (audio recordings of the chapters) that accompany the book.


What would you like the reader to take away after reading the book?

I hope that the reader will be left with the experience that the universe is beautiful and luminous, and that you carry part of this beautiful light within yourself. Nothing and no one can ever rob you of this light. The most powerful force in the universe resides within you.





On the 1st of June The Song of the Universe was released by People’s Press in Denmark. You can order the book in Danish now.