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Songs From the Source

Songs From the Source

Healing songs for meditation. Non-Danish customers: Please select USD currency in the right side of the screen.


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This beautiful CD contains a number of healing, meditative and inspired songs and lyrics by Lone Selmer. Lorelei tracked down musician and composer Lone Selmer after having heard her “Morning Prayer” on a course where she was deeply moved by the song.

Lorelei herself listens to Morning Prayer as a morning ritual every day and recommends clients, course participants and other customers to do the same.


It is a wonderful way to start each day … Sitting with your eyes closed, in the healing, warm light from the morning sun, and listening and reciting this beautiful morning prayer.

* Audio files that are downloaded must always be imported into a media player such as e.g. iTunes. We therefore recommend that you use a computer rather than a smartphone or tablet when downloading audio files.

Listen to an audio sample of Morning Prayer:


Lyrics and music by Lone Selmer, Binnie Dansby, Mogens Høgsted and Stephan Fuss.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Liselotte Vejborg at assistant@loreleiuniverse.com

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