When you fall in love, everything takes on a shimmering light and becomes golden and magical. This is because your intense focus on the highest aspects of your self radiates back at you from your beloved as well as from everything else you behold in life.

It is an intense mirror and thus falling love always opens your awareness to see clearer who you are as it elevates all aspects of your consciousness.

Thus also your shadow parts are ignited and mirrored back to you in the dynamics of engaging with the other.

The act of falling in love and opening in deep surrender is the exact process of Initiation. Initiation opens your awareness by elevating all aspects of your multi facetted personality, including the brightest version of who you are, but also your shadow self that needs elevation in order to be seen, met and understood.

Not by the other. But by you in order to clear the shadows hindering your progress to embody your source completely.

Falling in love implies loosing your self. And loosing your self means finding your self anew.

Welcome to the Initiation of death and rebirth. Again and again.

Embrace it. Embrace it whether your love affair is happy or devasting. For the higher purpose is a  quantum leap of mastering your subconscious on your way to embodying your higher self.

And so it is.

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