When people gather in ceremony with a common intent it creates a vortex and major field of power for shifting and elevating consciousness. A field of such power is not possible without this unified intent.

An initiation ceremony is a highly evolved ritual through which the joining of separate souls in a unified field evokes the mastery of each initiate and therefore shifts the entire field of consciousness to a higher degree of awareness.

Each initiate receives his own shift according to his level of awareness, but the trigger of the elevation is the unified intent between initiators and initiates.

Thus an initiation ceremony is a holy communion between likeminded beings who are present, active and directly linked to each within a unified purpose.

This can only be achieved if everyone present agrees to the same higher purpose and claims initiation with clarity and active decision power.

An initiation ceremony is a different kind of spiritual practice than a sound bath.

A sound bath is a venue for allowing energies and musical rhythms to pulsate through you and take you on your individual journey.

It is a beautiful, relaxing way of communing with your deeper aspects, and it is delightful to lie with your eyes closed, while allowing the musical harmonies to wash through you.

A sound bath is thus different from an initiation ceremony that demands your presence and attention, whereas a sound bath allows you to relax, to journey by your self without needing to be connected to the group consciousness.

Usually a common higher intent is not part of a sound bath either, although it absolutely can be if so decided.


At my initiation ceremonies you will always be asked to claim initiation by clearly stating yes to initiation.

You are also asked to be present and sit up straight during the ceremony rather than lying down.

An initiation is not something to being taken lightly, and after an initiation a time of integration, releasing and breathing is always required.

But oh, make no mistake. Initiation is sacred. It is holy. And it is very, very powerful. Initiation is the very gateway that leads you to mastering your awareness as divine presence in physical embodiment.

Nothing is more beautiful or holds greater promise than initiation.

And so it is.

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