The reason many people feel unsure of their innate mastery is because they have learned through life not to trust their inner voice.

When little children grow up, they are taught to do as they are told, and to behave properly in the way society wants.

But when asked if a child would rather go to school or to play, a child will always choose play.

Playing is the divine life force’s greatest source of expansion, and when a child plays, he is divinely inspired because there is no intellect in the way giving instructions.

When the child grows up, he looses the ability to live life in a spontaneous way. School fosters intellectual capacity and demands discipline, even though a child would rather run freely and chase butterflies or collect beautiful seashells.

In this manner you are taught through life to perform and to earn your place in society.

But the reason you are here on Earth is not to gain respect or to earn your place.

You are the very essence of life, and every inch of you is revered by the Source of all that is.

YOU are the reason the Universe exists! And you have come here to follow through on your request to know your self as a master creator.

You are one with All that exists, and thus you are the essence of creative power it self!

We want you to acknowledge the being inside you who is Mastery itself.

You are one with the mightiest force in the Universe, and when you decide to pull out your essence, you will see the presence of a Master gazing back at you from your own reflection.

Today we ask you to reach through the layers of conventional masks and pull out your Source from within.

Your divinity is a golden beam of light that radiates through your entire being, and when you allow your Self to radiate from within, everyone bows down to your magnificence.

Know thyself. For you yourself are the very Master that you seek.

And so it is.

Love and light,

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