Let us take you back to time long before the planet had come alive with people and civilisations. Back then there was only energetic consciousnesses floating around, blending with each other and slowly becoming physically manifested.

You were among the light beings thus manifesting in form. You were drawn to Earth by your own love for creative expansion, and when you first got here you loved being immersed into the physicality of life.

Today you have forgotten how you desired to enter the realm of physical life. You long for enlightenment and live your life looking for the very light you are made off.

But inside your being resides the Source of all life. It is this very force of life that created the planet, the Universe and everything in it.

Today we ask you to take look at your purpose.

Do you believe that you are here to become evolved?

If your answer is yes, we are blessing you and sharing a new understanding of who you really are:

You are Universal consciousness. No part of you is outside the perfection of All that is.

You can never evolve because the essence of you is Perfection it self. You are Source.

This is the 8th key to Mastery. And so it is.

Love and light,Lorelei

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