When you were growing up as young child, you were told by the grown ups how adored you were. Everyone showered you with attention and admired each new step you took.

You were born being the center of attention and being the one that the world evolved around.

Today you are no longer a little child. You have grown up and have become used to being of service to others. Everyone needs a little something from you. And you are giving them many advices and a lot of support.

But inside you is a young child who asks to be freed from responsibility. She longs for freedom and joy.

Sometimes this inner child feels guilt. Whenever she is told how beautiful she is, she reacts by rejecting the adoration. She no longer believes that she rightfully deserves such adoring attention.



How many hours have you worked in this lifetime?

Are you aware of the magnificence that shines through your entire being?

Not one single thing that you have accomplished has added to your beauty.

You are the center of the Universe always, and your core is eternally radiating with the beauty all that is.

Today we ask you to release the effort to become a Master.

Go out and play with the other children and know that nothing you can do, will ever change the truth of who you are:

A child born of Mastery itself, and thus already mastering everything that exists.

You create your own reality.

And so it is.

Love and light,


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