Today’s message was channeled aboard Lorelei’s flight yesterday to Los Angeles – high up in the sky among the clouds and the radiant sun.


Have you seen the beautiful clouds outside your window? They are soft and gentle, and they hold life giving nourishment for the growth of life on Earth.

Inside each living being is a spark of consciousness longing to be seen. This includes the clouds in the sky and the beetles in the ground.

There are many life forms on the planet. They are all part of the same precious life force that created Earth, and the heavens and everything in the Universe.

Watch how the clouds flow by without trying to become anything different. They just allow themselves to evaporate and rain upon the soil in beautiful harmony with the ecosystem on the planet.

You yourself are such a cloud. You are constantly evaporating and gifting your surroundings with either soft drops of rain or violent outbursts and downpours.

Everything about you is sacred. You can never diminish the beauty of your soul, and you are always in a state of completion, no matter if you are giving your self to life as silent rain or raging in the heavens as a mighty storm.

We honor the sacredness of all of you. We feel your request for assistance when you plead for mercy whenever you are sad or despondent. But always we watch the presence of your holy spirit inside your humanness that lives on Earth in unison with all the other sparkling raindrops of the most beautiful cloud that exists.


Today we give you an image to meditate on:

Sit quietly and allow your mind to become still. Then imagine a magnificent cloud of light showering your consciousness with radiant drops of clarity raining down on you from the Source of all life. Breathe … Receive.

You are dearly loved. And so it is.

Love and light,Lorelei

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