Once upon a time there was a woman who worked with teaching young children the Way of the Master.

She taught them to always know, who they were. And she instructed them to remember, how much love they were born to receive – just because they existed and therefore were loved by all that is.

The teacher gave each child a button of pure gold signifying the connection between themselves and God. She told them that inside each and every human being is a piece of God – whole, holy and unbreakable.

“You are this button”, she said. It sits on the mantle of God, and he wears it with pride because every one of you is his holy son and daughter.

This taught the children that they were worthy beings. That they were granted life by the mightiest force there is.

The children remembered these teachings all their lives. And they felt loved infinitely by the birds, the trees and the flowers, because inside them selves was the golden light that mirrored the beauty of all creation.

These children were supposed to become affiliated with the ruling class to become oracles and seers.

Instead they craved their freedom and went their separate ways – each carrying their unique imprint of holy light. They traveled to distant countries and became teachers of the light everywhere they went.

These teachers have since been guardians of the light in their many lifetimes on this planet.

They are still here, and you are among them. For you are a spark of the ultimate god force, and therefore you are already a living, breathing Master waiting to remember your lineage and awaken to the presence of the Master within.


We don’t have a question today. Instead we ask you to remember who you are by affirming:

”I am love incarnated. I am loved always by all life. Love is my path. Love is my destiny. Love is my origin.”

And so it is.

The light of the Universe is within you.

Love and light,


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