Today is a very special date for me. Today I celebrate the anniversary of 7 years of major expansion that began on 11.11.2011 when I participated in a ceremony in the Great Pyramid in Egypt.

In 2011 I traveled to Egypt with the purpose of participating in an 11.11.11 ceremony – a journey that in so many ways was to become a game changer for my future.

Not only did I meet a large group of soul family that I still love and cherish, but I also had my very first encounter with a crystal singing bowl.

When we gathered in ceremony in the pyramid, we were 48 people meditating, chanting and channeling. It was magical, beautiful and mystical.

All of a sudden I felt an incredible resonance within me, and as I looked around to locate the source of this powerful vibration that seemed to activate the entire pyramid, I saw a woman sitting on the floor playing a little white crystal singing bowl.

I was mesmerized! After the ceremony I asked the woman – Cathryn from Austria, if I could play her bowl. And graciously she let me play her bowl. It was love at first stroke.

When I returned to Copenhagen, I was on fire. I wanted to play crystal singing bowls since I, next to being a psychologist, have been a musician my entire life, always working with sacred music in my soul journey ceremonies.

When I was researching I discovered that there was a new generation of crystal singing bowls called alchemy crystal singing bowls made by fusions of crystals, gemstones and precious metals. Those alchemy bowls were beyond anything I had ever experienced before. Musically as well as energetically.

Oh, how those alchemy bowls called me! I immediately flew to San Francisco and drove all the way to Mount Shasta in Northern California and brought home my first 8 alchemy bowls.

Today, 7 years later… 60 alchemy bowls later… I look back at the incredible journey I have taken since.

Today I own and live in my own ceremonial concert hall in Copenhagen. I play concerts and conduct ceremonies in both Copenhagen and Los Angeles and many other parts of the world as well.

I meet and work with amazing people everywhere I go, and most of all I live my greatest passion, which is my love for the spirit within us all and our Universal connection, utilizing my abilities as a psychologist, a musician and a spiritual teacher. My own inner alchemy.

I am so grateful for the past 7 years and to day I celebrate 11.11.11 with a sense of having coming home to my true self and calling.

11.11.11 feels like a new year’s celebration for me. Happy new year everyone. Here is a picture someone from our group captured on the very morning in Egypt when I played a crystal singing bowl for the very first time.

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